My Team

Nottingham City Council is made up of 55 Councillors who represent 20 different areas, or wards, of the city.

Cllr Liaqat Ali is currently the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and Cllr Mohammed Saghir is the Sherriff.

There are 52 Labour Councillors and 3 Conservatives.

To find out who your local ward Councillor is, click here

Ward Councillor Party
Arboretum Councillor Merlita Bryan Labour
Arboretum Councillor Azad Choudhry Labour
Aspley Councillor Graham Chapman Labour
Aspley Councillor Carole McCulloch Labour
Aspley Councillor Patience Ifediora Labour
Basford Councillor Cat Arnold Labour
Basford Councillor Nick Raine Labour
Basford Councillor Linda Woodings Labour
Berridge Councillor Mohammed Ibrahim Labour
Berridge Councillor Carole Jones Labour
Berridge Councillor Toby Neal Labour
Bestwood Councillor Brian Grocock Labour
Bestwood Councillor David Smith Labour
Bestwood Councillor Georgia Power Labour
Bilborough Councillor Marcia Watson Labour
Bilborough Councillor Malcolm Wood Labour
Bilborough Councillor Wendy Smith Labour
Bridge Councillor Nicola Heaton Labour
Bridge Councillor Michael Edwards Labour
Bulwell Councillor John Hartshorne Labour
Bulwell Councillor Ginny Klein Labour
Bulwell Councillor Jackie Morris Labour
Bulwell Forest Councillor Eunice Campbell Labour
Bulwell Forest Councillor Cheryl Barnard Labour
Bulwell Forest Councillor Nick McDonald Labour
Clifton North  Councillor Joshua Cook  Labour
Clifton South Councillor Chris Gibson Labour
Clifton South Councillor Steve Young Labour
Clifton South Councillor Corall Jenkins Labour
Dales Councillor David Mellen Labour
Dales Councillor Gul Nawaz Khan Labour
Dales Councillor Neghat Nawaz Khan Labour
Dunkirk and Lenton Councillor David Trimble Labour
Dunkirk and Lenton Councillor Sarah Piper Labour
Leen Valley Councillor Glyn Jenkins Labour
Leen Valley Councillor Mohammed Saghir Labour
Mapperley Councillor Leslie Ayoola Labour
Mapperley Councillor Rosemary Healy Labour
Mapperley Councillor Chris Tansley Labour
Radford and Park Councillor ilyas Aziz Labour
Radford and Park Councillor Anne Peach Labour
Radford and Park Councillor Liaqat Ali Labour
Sherwood Councillor Brian Parbutt Labour
Sherwood Councillor Jane Urquhart Labour
Sherwood Councillor Adele Williams Labour
St. Ann’s Councillor Jon Collins Labour
St. Ann’s Councillor Sue Johnson Labour
St. Ann’s Councillor Dave Liversidge Labour
Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey Councillor Sally Longford Labour
Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey Councillor Sam Webster Labour
Wollaton West Councillor Steve Battlemuch Labour
Wollaton West Councillor Cate Woodward Labour