Delivering Housing Developments with Jobs, Shops and Services for Local People

As with many other housing developments in the city, Waterside is creating a new residential community with its own identity and character, but the full potential of this can only be achieved by ensuring the proper infrastructure comes along with it – which is why I was pleased last week that a 420-place school with a 60-place nursery had been approved in the Waterside area.

The Waterside development is in my ward and one of my local promises for Dales ward during the election was to campaign for a new primary school to address the shortage of places and provide for new families moving into the area. We have long wanted to develop the Waterside area into a new sustainable community and Greenwood Academy Trust have worked well with the council to develop their proposals, which will provide much-needed extra school places and a high-quality learning environment for local children.

In addition to additional school place Executive Board this week also approved which gave further guidance for the next phase of the development, leading to:

  • A new Riverside Path
  • New facilities to complement the residential development
  • New streets and routes
  • New high quality open space and public realm
  • Provision of parking appropriate to the scale, layout and design of new development
  • Green infrastructure

It is so important that new housing developments are accompanied with these sorts of infrastructure so the standard of life does not suffer. In our 2019 manifesto that’s why we committed to making sure that new housing developments are fully served with jobs, shops and services for local people.

We are succeeding in achieving this with Waterside and must make sure this practise takes place in other upcoming housing developments such as Clifton.