Greener Housing Through Nottingham’s Innovative ‘Energiespronge’ Project

Nottingham City Council has long led the way in green technology and has already done lots of work to create a more sustainable city. The latest project will see 150 Nottingham City Homes upgraded with innovative energy-saving and energy-generating measures, which will lead to warmer homes, cheaper energy bills for local residents and reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring all energy needs come from low carbon sources.

The £5 million project called Energiesprong is a ground-breaking whole-house renovation approach, pioneered in the Netherlands. It upgrades a home with innovative energy-saving and energy-generating measures, which include new highly insulated outside walls and windows, a solar roof, and a state of the art heating system. The programme is also entirely funded through an EU grant. 

This work builds on the Greener HousiNG programme which has already seen the council working with Nottingham City Homes to connect 94 new households to the city’s energy-from-waste, low carbon, district heating network. Likewise the REMOURBAN project has already provided funding to make 400 homes in Sneinton more energy efficient and has led to a significant improvement in the external appears of homes adding to the regeneration of the local area. 

The Energiesprong project is complemented by a number of other initiatives taken by Nottingham City council to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, including:

·        £15 million investment in one of the UK’s largest electric bus fleets

·        Investment in biogas and retrofitted buses

·        Developing and expanding the electric tram network

·        Improving cycling facilities, including bike hubs and a cycle hire scheme

·        Significant investment in cycle corridors

·        Introduction of the Workplace Parking Levy – tackling congestion and containing traffic growth, while generating funds to invest in public transport

·        ·Installing solar panels on 4500 domestic properties across the city

I look forward to the completion of this work on the NCH homes and hope we can continue to get the funding needed to ensure every Nottingham home gets similar improvements.