New Neighbourhood for Nottingham?

Nottingham City Council has long held the ambition to develop the Waterside area close to the city centre and this week Executive Board was proud to approve consultation of the planning document which sets out our ambition and gives future developers guidance on how to meet those aspirations. The bank of the River Trent is one of Nottingham’s greatest assets, but other than Victoria Embankment, it is an asset that is currently underutilised.

The opportunity to develop the area with high quality new homes, a new school, new transport links while also preserving and enhancing the unique riverside location and green space is one we should take. Our plans lay out the creation of a new residential community with its own identity and character. It’s hoped that people will be able to enjoy the best of contemporary living, in a healthy, sustainable and vibrant riverside setting. I want to see new developments which will provide improvements to public spaces, including a cycling and walking path and green space along the river bank connecting the Nottingham and Beeston Canal towpath with the Victoria Embankment through to Colwick Park.

Due to the scale of change envisaged for the 27-hectare site, the council will control the level, type and timings of the change required ensuring that the area’s best assets are retained and used in the best way possible. The City Council will work with developers and landowners to implement new development schemes in line with the planning guidance in phases.

Over the last few years a number of regeneration projects have been completed close to the Waterside area and include upgrades to Nottingham Station, a new retail development at Eastpoint on Daleside Road and successful eco-home schemes in the Meadows.  Housing developments are also under construction along Arkwright Walk, Queens Road and Saffron Court on Crocus Street.

Though the Waterside development is many years off from being realised, this week is a landmark in its journey. I look forward to the consultation launching in the beginning of November and hope as many people as possible will take part in it.