Day Ten on the Pennine Way – Middle of Nowhere to Bryness

Watch my video account of day ten by clicking here.

After a night in one of the more eccentric accommodations we have stayed in. Bath and shower in the cupboard, TV and basin in the wardrobe and a tuna sandwich and packet of crisps for breakfast. We headed back to the end of Saturday’s epic 28 miler.

The first 5 miles back to Bellingham were pretty straight forward and as the day was lower mileage than the previous few days we took time out for breakfast in the village. Bacon Butty and Beans on toast at the Rocky Road Café.

In and out of Bellingham was the most road walking we had done so far. But we where back on the hills in warm and breezy weather. Overlooking rolling moor land as far as the eye could see.

I experimented with a change of boots at about the half way stage and then set off again across the moors. As Kielder Forest loomed closer, the ground got boggier. It was a desolate landscape of felled trees and stubble and we found ourselves again walking through bog and gravelled road, as we trudged towards the end.

As we headed down, an adder slithered from under my feet and off into the undergrowth, Startled I enquired about Andy’s first aid skills and his willingness to suck out the poison where another encounter to occur. Lack of sympathy and enthusiasm was evident for the necessary first aid.

The track seemed to go on for ever, eventually we crossed the river and headed towards our destination. Past a campsite we ended up in a car park next to a small chapel in Bryness. A long day done but the final and longest still yet to do.