Selective Licensing Will Improve Private Rented Housing in Nottingham

On August 1st Selective Licensing for private rented homes came into force in many areas of Nottingham, with the aim of raising the quality and safety standards across Nottingham’s private rented sector, ensuring landlords act professionally when running their business and that the rented sector can be monitored and regulated.

Most of the standards we are asking landlords to follow are basic safety requirements that anyone would want for their home. More people are renting privately and we know from work we already do that a number of houses people are renting are in a very poor condition. Some of the most common issues the council’s Environmental Health Officers come across in their line of work currently are:

  • Properties with no smoke detectors,
  • Properties with poor means of fire escape or a lack of doors
  • Properties with no hot water or heating.

I was made aware of a recent case in which tenants who were desperate for housing moved into a property where the kitchen had been completely ripped out with the promise from the landlord that a new kitchen would shortly be fitted – it never was. As you can see from the photos below the property had no food storage facilities or cooking facilities and the ceiling had come down. The photos also show a dangerous plug socket and debris littering the floor. It was a dangerous situation which Environmental Health Officers quickly got the tenants out of by issuing an emergency prohibition order.

We think it is right that everyone who rents should expect a decent quality. Selective licensing will prevent private renters from being exploited by giving the council the power and resources to tackle rogue landlords.

Selective licencing is good news for thousands of Nottingham’s private rented tenants, who will know what is expected of their landlord in terms of property management and standards.